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Our cars are more than just a means to get around; they are an expression of who we are and we like to keep our cars looking as new as possible.  If you need to move your car hundreds or even thousands of miles and don’t want to put all those miles on it, an enclosed car transport is a solution you will want to consider. Most enclosed car transport systems have the ability to transport any type of vehicle; ranging from antiques to exotics.



Enclosed Car Transport Truck

Enclosed auto transport is an ideal way to move your vehicle whether it’s a car, truck or motorcycle.  Antique and classic cars are routinely shipped this way since an enclosed car transport protects the body and glass from road debris, weather and theft.  Using an auto transport company is a safe way to move your car and it will be insured against damage and theft during the trip.  When you ship your car in an enclosed car transport carrier you save wear and tear on the car as well as the price of gasoline; which can sometimes offset the price of transport.

First you’ll need to find an enclosed auto transport company or carrier. If this is new to you, call one of the local car dealerships and ask if they can recommend an auto transport company.  Dealerships have very exacting standards and will know which companies have the best services for your needs; depending on whether you require antique car transport, exotic car transport, or a generic car transport.  You can also find a number of car transport companies on the internet and get online quotes quickly and easily without obligation.  Have the zip code of point of origin and the destination handy!

Once you find an enclosed auto transport company with a fair price and good reputation, be sure they are licensed, bonded and insured.  Ask for references—any reputable company will be happy to provide you with that information.  Ask about the type of deposit required; 10-25% of the total cost of the car shipping rates is usually required.  Both at pick up and drop off, nearly any car transport company will require cash or a cashier’s check.  Some accept credit cards for a small surcharge.

Enclosed Car Transport Truck Interior

Enclosed Car Transport Truck Interior

Be sure to read the contract carefully; know what your rights are if you should have a dispute with the car transport company.  Check the insurance coverage that will apply to your car to be sure it is adequate.  Get everything in writing and I would also recommend taking pictures before and after transport as an additional precautionary measure!

When you’ve settled on an enclosed car transport company it’s time to get your car ready to ship.  Inspect your vehicle carefully and take photos before it is loaded onto the auto transport.  Digital cameras that time stamp the photos are the safest and least disputable.  List any dings, scratches or dents that might be on the car.  Remove everything from the body that could possibly be damaged when loading or unloading on the enclosed auto transport such as spoilers, antennas and fog lights.  Write down the odometer reading and keep it in a safe place.

Be sure that you aren’t leaving anything in the car that you will need before the enclosed car transport delivers it.  If possible, remove the spare tire and leave as little fuel as possible in the tank since car shipping rates are based on weight.  You can even remove some seats if you have a way to transport them; many people who are moving themselves across the country use self-rental moving vans that have space remaining for such items!

Keep a set of spare keys to your car even though you’ve given the auto transport a set.  If the keys are lost for some reason, you’ll still be able to drive your car!

When the enclosed car transport company delivers your car inspect it carefully before signing the receipt.  Never accept delivery of your car before you see it and verify that no damage has been done!  Take another series of photos.  Compare the odometer readings that you took before to the number that’s on the car when it’s delivered.

Using an enclosed auto transport company is the safest and most cost effective way to move your car, especially over long distances.  There are very few incidents of damage but it’s always best to take precautions.  While car shipping rates do include insurance it is wise to document everything before and after shipment.

The below video will help you decided whether you should elect to utilize an Enclosed Car Transport Service or an Open Car Transport Service.